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Lebanese American artist Avery Nejam also known as, ‘The Candid Observer’ was born in Jackson, Mississippi. At the age of five she became one of the youngest female recreational skateboarders in the South. Her love of skateboarding was the spark that ignited her deep passion for fashion and graphic arts. Since then, Ms. Nejam has been creating her own genre of Con­temporary Fine Art at which she has coined Mod-Pop where she is taking the modern aesthetic of digital art and through her illustrative process has created a new form of Pop-Art. At the age fifteen Ms. Nejam left for NYC to begin interning as a design consultant with Radar Entertainment, hosts of the worldwide NikeID campaign. By age seventeen she had started her own online business and was featured on MTVs ‘House of Style’ as one of the most fashion forward creative individuals under the age of eighteen. In 2010, Ms. Nejam went on to study Communication Design at The New School: Parsons School of Design, NYC while later attending an interdisciplinary program at SMFA: The School of the Museum of Fine Art studying traditional Fine Art with a focus in Screen Printing and other techniques of Printmaking. Between her studies Ms. Nejam interned with Creative Exchange Agency (CXA) where she assisted in the production and booking of photo shoots for world-renowned photographer David LaChapelle. In 2014, Ms. Nejam made her first public appearance at Miami’s premier Art Basel to a sold out audience at Soho House Miami. In addition to her “Chic of the Week” column as a featured editorial resident artist with Harper’s Bazaar, her work has been featured around the world in publications such as Nylon Japan, Teen Vogue, Bazaar Latin America, Bazaar Australia, Dior Beauty, The New York Times and many others. 

The key to creative longevity is maintaining a sense of awareness and acceptance that the struggles in which you face are both debilitating and fruitful to the growth of your artistic journey.


-The Candid Observer-

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