was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. At the age of five she became one of the youngest female recreational skateboarders in the South. Her love of skateboarding led her to graphic art and photography. Since then, she has been creating mixed media for commercial and personal use. At the age fifteen she began an internship as a design consultant with Radar Entertainment, hosts of the worldwide NikeID campaign. By age seventeen she had started her own online business and was featured on MTVs house of style as one of the most creative and talented individuals under the age of eighteen. In addition to running her own businnes, While studying in New York, Nejam worked with Creative Exchange Agency (CXA) where she assisted in the production and booking of photo shoots for world renowned photographers such as David Lachapelle, While studying in Boston Nejam created thecandidobserver.com, and has gained a following amongst many, including celebrities, fashionistas, and art lovers alike. Miss Nejam studied Illustration at Parsons School of Design and Screenprinting at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.